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Butterfly heater at ETH Zurich Learn More

Installation video of the Nimbus system on an OrbiTrap MS Watch Now

Robust Microspray and Nanospray MS for every need and every budget

See the superb spray stability and sensitivity of the PST-mTip presented at ASMS.

Phoenix S&T provides innovative nanospray and microspray systems and solutions for cutting- edge life science research and drug discovery. Phoenix S&T's Nimbus and pneu-Nimbus NanoLC System delivers automated, robust electrospray ionization for LC/MS experiments through proprietary spray controls and unique engineering that prevent clogging and dripping. The systems also feature performance enhancing functions including switching on/off the high spray voltage on the dual columns, capabilities for increased sensitivity and throughput by nano- and micro- LC/MS used for drug discovery, clinical diagnostics and homeland security. NEW! in 2017: Robust Microspray source for the Thermo Easy-spray source and metal emitters-Plug and Play-supremely stable spray for both positive and negative ion sprays, and also nanospray-capable. Other products include pneu-Nimbus source upgraded from the Thermo FlexIon source
"Jailbreak" column heater for the Easy-Spray source
and the SureSpray nozzle spray emitters and Xcapillaries for packing columns with dramatically improved separation efficiency.
Nimbus NanoLC System

The Nimbus NanoLC Dual Column System
Doubles productivity with no separate PC or new software needed.
Plug and spray!

uAutoNanoLC AutoNanoLC
The Consistency of Surespray™ Power incorporated into unique Dual Column Source
No clog, No drip, High-Sensitivity.
Set and forget.

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"I'm very satisfied those (eFrit) columns. Resin was very efficiently packed without any stopping,"
-Lee Hyoung-Joo, Yonsei Proteomix Research Center, Seoul, Korea

"The carryover issue is definitely gone; I keep the temp at 40C, and it only takes one blank run to get rid of carryovers. I like the column heater."
-Eric Chan, PhD, Constellation Pharmaceuticals

"The µAutoNano dual-column source has in effect added an extra OrbiTrap and nanoflow pump to my lab without extra space and maintenance, and the column heater has allowed us to run analyses on 29 cm long Halo columns without a uPLC.  This has represented a huge cost savings for the lab."
-Stephen Master, MD, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

"Phoenix S&T provides great products and customer care for nanoLC-MS. I use their nanospray source for the Thermo LTQ and TSQ MS."
Kwasi Mawuenyega, Ph.D., Washington University

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The Nimbus dual-column source in action

Dual-column Spray: Automated Column Switching
Live video shows automatic column switching. A new column is positioned, the spray purges and clears for virtually uninterrupted electrospray.
  • SureSpray(TM) plastic nozzle spray: non-clogging, robust spray

    Jun 4-Jun 8, 2017 - 65th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry: Indianapolis, IN.

    Visit Phoenix S&T at Booth #520

    and see the new robust non-clogging, ultra-stable micropray system for the Thermo Easy-spray source! Also the pneu-Nimbus and Easy-Spray compatible column heater!

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