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About Phoenix S&T

Phoenix S&T develops and sells instruments and consumables to dramatically boost the performance and sensitivity of mass spectrometer detection of biomolecules in proteomics and biomarker discovery. Our products are ground-breaking- many are patented or patent-pending- and are designed to meet customers’ specific requests and needs both in academic research and industrial applications.

Our automated dual-column sources, the Nimbus and pneu-Nimbus in essence duplicate the productivity of the nanoLC-MS setup without requiring the doubling of space, manpower or other capital or operating expenses, and at less than 5% of the equipment cost of a typical nanoLC-MS.

Our capillary column heaters, be it the pencil, butterfly or jailbreak, are simple to use and yet are also customized to each customer’s needs to ease implementation of new analyses that require higher back pressure, better resolution and no carry-overs. They are used in most top proteomics research labs worldwide.

Our spray emitters aim to provide robust and consistent spray without clogging, dripping and other interruptions. The patented injection-molded plastic nozzle spray emitter is currently undergoing a thorough redesign to better serve the nanoLC-MS community. This nozzle is capable of spraying lightly diluted serum and plasma without clogging. The newest patent-pending metal emitters, the mTip, have already shown promise of providing nanospray sensitivity for microspray. It is very robust for negative ion spray, and has been shown to enhance the sensitivity of fatty acids separation and detection.

Phoenix S&T has leveraged multi-million dollars of federal contracts and grants to develop these unique and effective products for the bio-analyses using mass spectrometry. We always welcome customers’ input and requests for products that will help them solve the very complex problems in proteomics and biomarker discovery. We will continue to partner with customers to make the analyses of biomolecules using mass spectrometry better, faster and cheaper!

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