App. Notes and Posters

ASMS 2020 Poster: Cone-jet mode electrospray Ionization in micro- and nanoflow regimes by emitter surface manipulations

ASMSPoster2017_microspray with PST-mTip.  See Figure 3 for the  nanospray sensitivity with our microspray source with the mTip as spray emitter.

MicroSpray_ positive and negative sprays-fatty acids and lipids

Chromatographic data of an all stainless steel 0.3 mm i.d., 10 cm long  C3 column running 100 uL/min

A high sensitivity source upgrade for the Bruker NSI source – ABRF poster

Dual columns with dual-traps– ASMS poster

Heated Dual-Column  source productivity improvement – ABRF poster

Plastic nozzle for spraying complex matrices – ASMS poster