Column heaters and controllers

Phoenix S&T’s column heaters and controllers for nanoLC-MS are used by protemics researchers worldwide.  Many top research institutions such as the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and the ETH in Zurich have installed more than 20 sets each for their nanoLC-MS applications.  The most common application is for reducing the back pressure in long columns especially those packed with sub 2-um particles.  Other applications include: improving peak shapes and elution in hydrophobic analytes, reducing carry-overs, improving chromatographic resolution, etc.

Each of the four column heater style serve its specific purposes.  Each Butterfly or pencil heater requires its own controller.  The Jailbreak heaters utilize the temperature controller in the Easy Spray source.  Please click on the each heater listed below to be directed to its specific product page to view details and the brochure.

The Butterfly Portfolio Heater

The Pencil Heater

Jailbreak 1.0 heater – allows the user to use any fused silica capillary column with the Thermo Easy Spray source.

Jailbreak 2.0 – a source insert that allows the user to use any column with end fittings.  The heater that goes with this is a Butterfly heater that is controlled by the Easy Spray source

Pencil heaters for Ion-Opticks and KoAnn columns for the NanoFlex source

PST-CH-IO-25 (for Ion-Opticks columns, 25 cm long) or PST-CHW-22 (for KoAnn columns, 25 cm long): the heater is compatible for both brands of columns.

PST-ESR-IO-25  Jailbreak 1.0 Pencil heater for the Ion-Opticks and KoAnn columns for the Easy Spray source