Customer-need-driven product development

Phoenix S&T-Nanospray and Microspray solutions to meet the most challenging needs in proteomic and metabolomic research

All our products on the markets have been developed because customers have asked for them either through grant proposal funding, contract funding or collaborative R&D. For example, the dual-column Nimbus source was partially a result of our NIH SBIR Phase 1 and Phase 2 grants. The automation technology and the plastic nozzle development were helped by army contracts, and our microspray emitters were developed based on learnings from these previous grants as well as collaborations with pharma customers. The column heaters were developed because customers could not find adequate products that met their needs in the market. Today our column heaters are market leaders in proteomics research with mass spectrometry.

We continue to collaborate with customers and government-related agencies to further progress in research areas that are allied with high performance mass spectrometry and microfluidic manipulations.

At the same time, we welcome inquiries and discussions from customers in proteomics, metabolomics, DMPK, etc. about new products that will enhance their research performance and productivity.