Nimbus Dual-column Sources

Robust Automated Nan0LC-MS for every need and every budget

Phoenix S&T pioneered the automated dual column source – motorized or pneumatic column switching by contact closure signals from the LC or the MS with just an embedded computer (no external computer!) for control.  It doubles productivity and is the ultimate in ease of use.

  • The motorized Nimbus offers a third column position for calibration.  All column positions can be controlled by contact closure signals from the LC or the MS
  • The pneumatically controlled pneu-Nimbus source offers dual-column full-function at a lower cost.  The third column position is not available.
  • The dual-c0lumn rail and controlled electronics and all accessories can be added to an existing Thermo Nanoflex source or a Sciex Nanospray I, II or III source as an upgrade to further reduce the cost of doubling productivity to your facilities without adding personnel, space or the large expense of adding an additional MS or LC.
  • One 2D pump or 1 gradient+loading pump is needed.
  • Removable magnetic column rail allows installation of columns at the bench, flexible column lengths a
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Dual-column advantages:

    • Substancially reduces carryover and improves data quality by washing the sample, column and emitter off-axis
    • On-board computer positions one column for analysis while switching off the high voltage on the second column performing off-axis loading, washing and equilibration
    • Dual column automated system increases nano-LC throughput by up to 100%
    • Compatible with Phoenix S& T’s pencil column heaters and Butterfly heaters
    • Third column position for calibration available in the motorized Nimbus source
    • User-select analysis with sheath-gas or without sheath gas during nanospray
    • Robust clog-free spray emitters -utilizes nitrogen to purge the emitter before initiating nanospray
    • Two modes of operation: alternating analysis between the two columns or triplicate runs on each column for clinical applications
    • Highly effective for biological sample matrix analyses, e.g. proteomics, metabolomics, biomarker discovery and method development
    • No separate computer or new software package is needed
    • Compact and economical – Simple push buttons control the fine adjustment of the column and emitter positions