Phoenix S&T provides all stainless steel microLC columns packed with SMT’s  resins of a wide range of phases and particle sizes.  The column i.d. is 0.3 mm, and the o.d. is 1/16. The standard lengths are 10 cm and 20 cm.  All stainless steel columns with i.d.’s as small as 0.1 mm are now available.  The chromatograms above demonstrates the superb separation efficiency and sensitivity of a capillary bore (0.3 mm or smaller) column when compared to a conventional 4.6 mm i.d. LC column.  Note the difference in sample quantities and also the sensitivities of the two chromatograms.  See here for a more detailed analysis and comparison.

SMT pioneered and perfected their proprietary self-assembled monolayer (SAM) technology for creating the phases on silica particles.  This technology creates silica particles with even molecular coverage and eliminates bare spots.  The phases are fully endcapped. The Pro series is a medium carbon loading line of phases which is excellent for most applications.  The higher “OD” series (more hydrophobic) or the lower carbon loading series “ODL” are also available.

The uniformity and the perfectly spherical shape of the particles allows extremely high pressure packing of highly ordered particles within the column.  The result is a long lasting column with consistently outstanding chromatographic performance in terns of plate counts and resolution.  See the dramatic anthracene peak with  ~2 million plates in a 0.3 mm all stainless C3 column running  a flow rate at 100 uL/min shown above

When coupled to Phoenix S&T’s mTips, the sensitivity of the separation is also dramatically enhanced.

The phases available are C3, C4, C8, C18, Normal phase silica (bare silica) for HILIC, Amide phase for HILIC.  If you need a special phase, please contact us.  Chances are we will be able to accommodate your needs.

You may purchase some of these columns on the Buy page.  Only a few phases are listed.  If you need other phases , other pore size or particle sizes, different column i.d. or length, please contact us directly.

See the equally superb test data from a HILIC amide column and a C18 column in the new brochure here.