Please note: The mTips are currently unavailable due to production issues. The information below is for reference only.

The PST-seTip (laser-pulled-HF etched fused silica emitters, and the Niebelizer plastic nozzle emitters (PST-nozTip) have been developed to provide exceptional spray robustness and clog-resistance for nanoLC-MS and up to 5 uL/min microLC-MS applications.

PST-seTip and PST-nozTip

The PST-mTips are patented, US PAT. No. 10,591,451, ground-breaking metallic spray emitters for extremely robust both nanospray and microspray of a large range of buffer compositions and both positive and negative ion sprays.  They are direct replacements for the laser-pulled 360 um o.d. fused silica tips.  These emitters can also be “regenerated” after prolonged use and loss of spray, making them very long-lasting.

PST-mTip-25 : The 25 um i.d. mTips are suitable for flowrates from nanospray up to 2 uL/min

PST-mTip-50: The 50 um i.d. mTips are capable of very robust nanospray up to microspray of 10’s of uL/min.  Due to the potential of causing more dead volume than the PST-mTip-25, the PST-mTip-50 is used when the flow rates are above 2 uL/min.

For the performance of the PST-mTips in actual analyses, please view the results in an ASMS poster, and also results of the separations of fatty acids, lipids, and phosphorylated compounds provided by our user H-K Lim, PhD, of Janssen Research Labs.

The PST-patented plastic nozzles are especially good for samples in complex matrices.  They are completely non-clogging.  Each nozzle emitter comes with a 6 cm long, 20 um i.d. fused-silica capillary support with a tapered end that eliminates essentially all the dead-volume into the nozzle.  The nozzle may also be purchased by itself and be placed on the user-supplied fused silica 360 um o.d. capillary column with a tapered but flat-ended cut.